Why It Works

Partnerships with the Community

CareNow free clinics are community based events, drawing on the resources of local health care institutions, agencies and professionals as well as a national network of supporters and sponsors. CareNow event organizers and managers recruit resources and volunteers, coordinate and produce the events and assure the most efficient and effective delivery of care - from patient handling to record keeping to event logistics.

CareNow events typically last from three to five days but their impact in a community can extend far beyond the clinic itself. Rather than merely providing episodic care, the clinics strive to effect lasting change in the lives of the people they serve. While providing best practice medicine on site, CareNow recruits local institutions and practices to provide follow up care to those who need it.

Along with the immeasurable benefits in human terms, communities may also realize economic advantages from large scale free clinics. Early diagnosis and prevention allows patients to be treated before diseases reach a critical and costly phase, adding to the burden on community resources. Correcting dental and vision problems can increase a patient’s employability. Free clinics can have a positive impact on local ER operating costs and waiting times.

These events also present an important opportunity for community programs and organizations to reach the people it is their mission to serve – all under one roof at one time.

CareNow free clinics can provide a range of health and wellness resources never before available – creating islands of help and hope for thousands of individuals and families.

Our Mission: To promote the wellness of underserved urban populations by organizing community resources and volunteers into free clinics providing quality, sustainable care.

“community based events”

“lasting change in the lives of the people served”