Who We Are

Organizers of Innovative Healthcare Events

In October of 2011, a massive free clinic held at the Los Angeles Sports Arena brought desperately needed care to thousands of uninsured and underinsured individuals in Southern California. Supported by L.A. healthcare professionals and organizations, the event attracted national media attention and will be the subject of a network television program later in the year. More importantly, the clinic provided 1,000 patients per day with medical, dental and vision care they would not otherwise have received. A total of 7,200 procedures were performed, from dental fillings and root canals to medical exams and podiatry; from eye exams and prescription glasses to mammograms, Pap smears, immunizations and other services. Everything was offered at no cost to the patient.

The event was organized and produced by CareNow, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charity formed to bring quality, sustainable healthcare to our country’s underserved and vulnerable populations. We are a volunteer-based organization that combines the efforts of hundreds of doctors, dentists, optometrists, nurses and other professionals in large urban clinics that provide not only quality care on site, but also follow-up care for those who need it after the event ends.

CareNow has developed new systems and resources to effectively transform large urban venues such as sports arenas and convention centers into fully staffed and equipped working clinics – everything from HIPAA compliant electronic medical records to on-site pharmacies and labs. At our October “CareNow/LA” event, CareNow innovated a system to connect patients to follow-up care – those attending the clinic who needed continuing care were placed into medical homes. A broad coalition of local clinics and providers had representatives on site to make follow-up appointments before patients left the arena. Unlike free clinics limited to episodic treatment, CareNow clinics are a gateway to sustainable care.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that patients in line for this year’s event will not have to be in line again next year. To that end, CareNow clinics feature a strong patient education component. Many of the medical and dental conditions we see are preventable. With a system to eliminate internal lines as patients wait for services, CareNow clinics give patients the opportunity to visit educational exhibits and counselors on subjects ranging from smoking cessation to nutrition, from exercise to stress reduction.

CareNow brings together the specialized skills and resources necessary to plan, produce and manage large scale urban free clinics. Our team will work closely with healthcare providers, organizations and government agencies to produce events that meet the local needs of the communities and individuals we serve.

Organized and produced by CareNow

The Sports Arena,

Los Angeles, October 2011
4 days,
3,571 patients,
7,279 medical, dental, vision
1,788 immunizations,
1,085 patients provided with follow-up appointments or contacts.

Maria Shriver’s
Modern House Call,
The Pyramid,

Long Beach, October 2010
3 days,
2,028 patients,
6,320 medical, dental and vision services.

CareNow Board

Donald Manelli
CareNow President and Founder

Debra Boudreaux
CEO, Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation

Roger Fieldman, DDS
Director, L A County Dental Clinics

Carol Meyer BSN, MPA
Consultant and Retired COO, LA County Health Department

Ryan Nowicki
Attorney, Glaser Weil Fink Jacobs Howard Avchen & Shapiro

Donald Van Hook
Retired Sr. VP, Worldwide Advertising Director, Deere & Co.