What We Do

Care for the Underserved

CareNow brings help and hope to the uninsured and underserved in America’s urban centers. We work with local community resources and volunteers to produce free clinics providing comprehensive medical, dental, and vision care to individuals and families who are without access to the healthcare they need. CareNow events also provide extensive educational and counseling resources to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles among our most vulnerable populations.

CareNow has a dual goal: to provide quality care for thousands at large scale free clinics, and to provide continuing care for patients with conditions requiring follow up. We accomplish these goals through a combination of resources, from participating community healthcare facilities and volunteers to national supporters and donors.

CareNow clinics provide a full range of services from dental fillings and root canals to eye exams and prescription glasses; from mammograms and women’s health to general medical exams. There are on site pharmacies, labs, and immunizations; and medical screenings from diabetes and hypertension to bone scans and ultrasound. For those patients who may require further care, representatives of local community resources make follow up appointments as the patient leaves the event. We work to find a medical home for every patient who needs one.

There is no cost to the patient for the services we provide. Our clinics are staffed by professional and general volunteers, and supported by donations – both financial and in-kind - from local and national supporters.

CareNow events can be set in a variety of urban locations, temporarily transforming sports arenas and other venues into working clinics that treat thousands of patients within the space of a few days.

With hundreds of doctors, dentists and other licensed professionals donating their services, and with healthcare organizations, institutions and manufacturers providing necessary supplies and equipment, a CareNow clinic presents compelling evidence of how much can be accomplished when a community comes together to help its own.

Our Mission: To promote the wellness of underserved urban populations by organizing community resources and volunteers into free clinics providing quality, sustainable care.

“a medical home for patients who need one”

“no cost to the patient”